Sunny was introduced to this racing world since he was three year old with his first vehicle 50cc motorbike. He was allowed to follow a racing championship for the first time when he was at the third year of Junior High School.

It was an Endure Race 12 hours Group N1 class; he was driving Toyota Starlet 1.000cc at Ancol Circuit, Jakarta. And for the following years he was active on series or events with Mazda MR 90, Suzuki Swift Gti, Timor SOHC & DOHC, and Honda Estilo.

For the beginning of his career as a youth newcomer in racing world, he often competed with other newcomers, senior racers, and Indonesian legendary racers like Beng Siswanto, Alex Asmasubrata, Didi Hardianto, Sidarto SA, Suhandi Angriawan, Chandra Alim, Tommy Santosa, Jimmy Lukita, etc.

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