Honda Jakarta Center Racing Team


Activity of motorsport at indonesia in the year 2006 then started rise, along with open of new championship that is National Championship “ Honda Jazz VTEC Speed Challenge” 2006 ( HJVSC) and “ GT CAR”, Besides, also there is championship “ Indonesia Touring Car Championship” (ITCC) in circuit Sentul, Jawa Barat. HJVSC is racing one special brands of Honda Jazz VTEC formed by national racer of Alvin Bahar with support from Honda Prospect Motor ( HPM).

While GT CAR is racing car followed by some manufacturers otomotif, like for example: Honda, Toyota, and Suzuki, with vehicle of the pledge is each that is Honda Jazz VTEC and New City VTEC; Toyota Yaris and Vios; and Suzuki Swift.Both this championships causes Honda Jakarta Center Racing Team formed in the year 2006 along with its (the management) at the same time as a team races professional and independent, and stays under Honda Jakarta Center that expected will become mains from all activities of motorsport HJC in coming.

Intention of involvement of HJCRT in National Championship is:

  1. To incrase brand awareness public to brand Honda in general and especially HJC in world races
  2. To recover pamour and feather in one’s cap of team races PT. Imora Motor (ahead) in national race place now and a period of which will come.
  3. To seeking and construction place of talented racer.
  4. To introduce to public about program STAR ( Service and Towing Assistance on The Road). This program is emergency service program and service during 24 hours, also provides various facilities and advantage to client.

Losts to season to race 2006 has elapsed and now our team, HJCRT ( Honda Jakarta Center Racing Team) enters season to race 2007 which will come. Season races 2006 is season to race maiden of we, after so much time vacuum is in world to race car.

Enters season to race 2007, we had prepared ourself eminently again with a few main key factor: election some racers with quality and tested in the class, experienced and reliable mechanic, a real competitive car, team which solid and professional, full support from from Honda Jakarta Center as playing dealer directing HJCRT, and assisting other sides. With support and readiness of all related partieses in HJCRT, we will be able to reach maximum result, good in research and expansion of team races, and also in process and journey to obtain champion title (racer and team).

In world to race in general, sponsor support from is thing which crusial. Activity of motorsport is one of supporting facilities for effective publication and promotion for company and / sponsor product, because so the many medias, method, and eligible time and applied. Company and sponsor product can reach for brand awareness which is good, even increased brand the image if becomes sponsor from right team.For our team, sponsor is not only becomes founder only (sponsorship funding), but also becomes strategic partner as a whole, which will involve and does various cooperations professionally, responsible, and is each other supports in activity motorsport.The combination of all, no impossible of team and sponsor will be able to obtain better result in coming competition season. At season races 2007, team HJCRT has commitment of concentration to full of show best performa in every series at both classes which will be competition at season to race 2007, that is “ GT CAR” and “ One Make Race Honda Jazz” (see schedule to race 2007 temporaries).

HJCRT will join with three Racing Car Honda Jazz with the four racers is as follows:

• Dodi Sukarya Saputra
• Michael Indradjaja
• Sunyoto Tsuyoshi Soejatmo (Sunny TS.)
• Aswin Bahar

Fourth election of this racer is based on achievement they good at each class which they have follows till now. Besides, reason of choosing both this classes is, because at both classes this is there is emulation that is very tight and often cannot be anticipated result of Championship. All teams and racer races as good as possible to be the best. So do with our team and racer at season then, seriously feels high competition atmosphere, which has felt even at the time of practice. On the basis of that is, hence we will develop our team and racer ( empowerement) as maximum to reach for best result.